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stage shows offer a unique and immersive experience that captivates your audience. This creates a memorable and engaging event.


your stage show to fit your theme, message, and branding are all elements we're familiar with and want to make sure we meet your objectives.

Buzz, an entertainer, that knows how to seamlessly integrate your message into the show. He makes it effortless and enjoyable, resulting in a memorable and impactful experience for you and your audience.


Buzz writes comedy in many forms. Some are traditional set up, and punch line jokes, some are funny stories, and others a just humorous as they are happening live with your audience members. Buzz started his stand up career in 2008 and isn't sitting down yet.


When Buzz steps onto the stage, all eyes are immediately drawn to him. His illusions are so convincing that the audience can't help but stare in wonder and amazement. Some would even say the audience leaves speechless by the sheer impossibility of what they just witnessed.


Buzz brings a unique and engaging way of interacting with a crowd. He will make sure your audience experiences the power of their own mind like never before. Utilizing psychology techniques and his years of stage presence, Buzz brings a unique flair that is sure to ignite your crowd.


Please visit the webpage for Mx Lucky for more information about how to book and upcoming shows.

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